A Wrinkle in Time: Trusting Yourself is Different from Overconfidence

A Wrinkle in Time: Trusting Yourself is Different from Overconfidence.

Trusting yourself and being overconfident about yourself is two completely different things, but often people mix them up which always get themselves into lots of big troubles.

The book A Wrinkle in Time is a book about three kids going on a journey to save their universe. Actually it isn’t that easy, the book is actually about how overconfident alway drive things and people into trouble. One of the main character Charles Wallace, is a typical one. Charles Wallace believes that he is very powerful so he believes in himself too much. In this book, everyone might see Charles Wallace as a smart and brave child, but he is more than that, he is also a overconfident and arrogant boy. He wouldn’t listen to other people because he think he is way better than them, smarter and powerfuller than everyone else.

The book A Wrinkle in Time, is about three children, Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin going on a journey to save the universe from a evil force. The evil force is controlled by a big boss who is a brain without emotions. During their journey, three old lady are with them along the way. The ladies are powerful, but they still need the children’s to do the work. During their journey, the children are trying to save Meg and Charles Wallace’s dad, but because Charles Wallace’s overconfidence and arrogance, he brought himself in a lot of troubles. When trusting yourself turned into overconfident, chances are that things will be different.  

In the beginning of the book, Charles Wallace shows his overconfidence by trusting other people too easily, even ones that he never met before “ They?” “Mrs Whatsit and her two friends. I was out with Fortinbras a couple of days ago…..we ended up by the haunted house, so I met them by accident, as you might say.”(page 19) In this part of the book, Charles Wallace met some random strangers that is the main characters in this book that took the kids on the journey of saving their father and the universe. Charles Wallace just trust in them about it with knowing them at all because he believes in his power too much that he thinks he won’t get in to danger or trouble, he believes that he know everything that other people don’t, so he think that he can do everything better and trust people easily just because he think he knows everything.

Beside that, when Mrs.Whatsit happened to appear at their house in the middle of the night, which is the second time Charles Wallace met her, he immediately trusted her and let he into the house. “The age or sex was impossible to tall, for it was completely bundle up in clothes, several scarves of assorted Colors were tied about the head, and a man’s felt hat perched atop. A shocking pink stole was knotted about a rough overcoat, and black rubber boots covered the feet. ‘Mrs. Whatsit,’ Charles Wallace said suspiciously, ‘what are you doing here? And at this time of night, too?’”(page 21-22) Charles Wallace just let nearly stranger into the house when he barely know that person, this shows that he is overconfident, he think he know everything and think that he is too smart. Though Mrs. Whatsit is a good person, but because of her, the kids have to go on the dangerous journey of saving the universe.

In the middle of the book, the childrens was in a different planet trying to defeat the bosses, Charles Wallace again think he is so powerful and want to go and defeat the boss, he trust himself to much and wouldn’t listen others idea, plus, he don’t know his power but trust it blindly though he know he don’t  have the power, “no,” Charles Wallace said. “I have to go on. We have to make decisions, and we can’t make them if they are based on fear.”(page 133). Charles Wallace here is trying to defeat a big boss in the story, he clear knew that he will be in danger but he chose to believe that he have the power and can do things that is out of his reach, he would not listen to his sister and Calvin’s idea though they are older and more experienced than him, but he chose not to because he think that he have the power to defeat the boss that is stronger than him.

When the kid finally met the big boss,Charles Wallace got overconfident with himself again and drove himself into big trouble. Charles Wallace believes in himself too much and think that he have so much power that he is undefeatable, “if I come in can I get out?” Charles Wallace asked. “But of course, if you want to. But I don’t think you will want to.” “If I come—not to stay, you understand—just to find out about you, will you tell us where father is?”(145). This quote is at the part that the big boss is trying to control Charles Wallace but Charles Wallace think he will be able to escape it afterward so he chose to believe in the boss, which brought himself into trouble. This quote shows that Charles Wallace believes in his power so much that he believes that he can defeat someone so powerful, and because he trust his power too much, he also believes in people easily because he think that he will also ways be fine and too powerful to get hurt. It is a good thing to have trust in yourself, it when trusting in yourself turned into overconfidence, then it will always lead into trouble.

Though Charles Wallace had lot of problems, but aside from all of the problems, he is however a smart kid, yet he is only four. Nevertheless he still choose to trust himself too much no matter what. Which the overconfidence brought himself lots of trouble. Regardless of the overconfident he have, he is indeed a smart kid and a caring brother.

In conclusion, the book A Wrinkle in Time is a good book that teaches people that overconfidence leads into trouble and encourage people to be less overconfident about themself.

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